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Three legendary unisex pieces (and more if you hit it off with these).

Lacoste timeless iconic polo shirt since 1933

1. The polo shirt, the Lacoste original

Since 1933

Created by René Lacoste, the polo shirt introduces a whole new lifestyle to fashion: the sporty look. Or how to combine style and comfort. Almost a century later, its inner elegance still fascinates. The secret? Its Petit Piqué knit, which hasn't changed since the beginning and puts style right onto the skin.

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The musketeers wearing tennis sweaters in the 1920s

3. The tennis sweater, knit up style

Style of the century

Welcome to 1920s sporty chic. In 2021, this iconic sweater is modernised with asymmetrical knits and fits all styles thanks to its deep V-neck. Turtleneck, shirt or polo shirt... game, set, match: the style remains 100 years later.

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Even more iconic…

Classic white Lacoste polo shirt with green embroidered crocodile.

The Lacoste Polo Shirt

Modern icon
Lacoste blue and white striped cotton shirt

The Lacoste Shirt

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