Fashion — 08.22.2016

A closer look @ the Allure Nautique Collection

Shades of blue and color blocks

Striking color blocks beside gentle blues, nautical motifs on soft and technical materials: the Allure Nautique collection artfully combines the graphic aesthetics of 1990s yachting with the subtly shaded palette of the sea. In the end, what at last comes ashore is a decidedly contemporary mixed look of coordinating colour.

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Shades of blue

Shades of blue, inspired by the sea, alongside vibrant primary colors. The pure white serves to frame the color combinations that are both natural and daring.

The Allure Nautique Collection

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Nautical Stripes Bold aesthetic Natural and daring Color blocks

90's inspiration

Nautical stripes and designs inspired by 90s yachting contrast with color blocks. As part of a bold, minimalist aesthetic.

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