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Lacoste x Roland Garros 2020

Live all the best moments at the tournament with Lacoste, the premium partner, as if you were there.


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New Lacoste sneakers Storm 96 Lo
You set the pace

Storm 96 LO Trainers

Low cut version inspired by the Storm 96 OG, first Lacoste running shoes released in 1996, the Storm 96 Lo comes in vibrant tones for a well sketched style.


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There was once a Crocodile

An eternal symbol

From its birth in 1923 to today, discover the evolution of the iconic Lacoste Crocodile. An animal that never lacks creativity so is always able to reinvent itself.

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The Lacoste tennis and golf sport boutique
Your playing field

The Sports Boutique

New technical tennis and golf collections, sports news and match souvenirs: discover the space dedicated to all sport enthusiasts.


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René Lacoste tennis player
Elegance and versatility

In René Lacoste's game

Behind Lacoste, there is René Lacoste. Discover how this multi-talented tennis champion created more than just a brand.

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