Polos on sale

Original L.12.12 long sleeve polo shirt, for sports, printed, or Slim Fit... Everything you could possibly hope for? Now on sale.

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The Lacoste world


Tracksuits on sale

Iconic since the 70s. Forever stylish.

Leather goods on sale

Functional. Branded. And on sale.

Accessories on sale

Dressed in Lacoste from head to toe

Sweatshirts on sale

The softest of fleeces... at the softest of prices.

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Welcome to Web3

UNDW3, by Lacoste

In the Crocodile's sight? It's a sign... Dive in and follow him at the heart of Web3!

Immersive and underwater, UNDW3 by Lacoste is a collective experience. Join the pioneers.

Lacoste Inside

New flagship store

Lacoste Arena

The ultimate experience. Lacoste Arena open its doors at 50 avenue des Champs-Élysées. Two thousand square metres of diversity and exclusive areas. See you at the heart of all Lacoste cultures.

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You've got a new match

New Lacoste Campaign

The Crocodile brings us together... spontaneously. A rallying call, it creates unexpected and emotional encounters.

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A happy, playful team

Lacoste x Minecraft

Croco Island. As many players as there are profiles. Pieces logoed with the crocodile and the Minecraft M. A collection for the game enthusiasts and the style enthusiasts. Between virtual and reality.

Lacoste Inside

New in

The new fashion sport silhouette

Our wardrobe is your playground. Functional, fashionable and urban, our new silhouette makes a perfect daily partner.