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Alpha Industries, Gloverall, K-Way®, Pyrenex, Tailor Toyo: Lacoste joins hands with five brands of legendary savoir-faire to reimagine five iconic styles for winter.

Meeting points

When five acclaimed brands are introduced to the crocodile, identical values emerge. Authenticity, savoir-faire, creativity... Discover the common ground they share with Lacoste.

alpha industrie

Alpha Industries

Originally, Alpha Industries was a creator of performance outerwear—like the famous aviator jacket—for the US Army. Without compromising quality or technique, the brand has since successfully adapted its offering to the general public. In a visionary way, they anticipated a global trend, just as René Lacoste did when he transformed the classic tennis shirt into the iconic polo.

Lacoste x Alpha Industries


Since 1951, Gloverall has built an international reputation for its handcrafted outerwear, including the original puffer and peacoat. Heritage pieces from the Royal Navy, worn for their iconic silhouettes and unmatched quality. An elegant match for Lacoste, which expresses authentic style à la française, combined with comfort.

Lacoste x Gloverall


Founded in 1966, the French brand K-Way® is celebrated for its revolutionary anorak designed by Frenchman Léon-Claude Duhamel. Practical, lightweight and waterproof, it folds into a small zipped pouch. A fine example of innovation that recalls René Lacoste's abundant creativity seen through his 30+ patents... This is how legends are made.

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For over 150 years, and from generation to generation, Pyrenex has created the highest quality coats with an exclusive blend of feather down collected in the Southwest of France. Lacoste has shared these unwaveringly high standards since the creation of the first polo in 1933.

Lacoste x Pyrenex

Tailor Toyo

Tailor Toyo is an original producer of the hand-embroidered Japanese bomber jacket, popular in America during the 1940's. With meticulous embroideries that demonstrate a refined savoir-faire and optimistic imagery, one can't help but recall the iconic green crocodile.

Lacoste x Tailor Toyo
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