Men's V-neck Wool and Cotton Blend Sweater


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Lignes de court

The Lignes de court Inspiration

French court heritage is propelled into the 21st century in the elegant Lignes de court collection. Contemporary, minimalist styles make use of architectural patterns, and the interplay of light and dark provides the contrast for graphic lines and checks.

Discover the inspiration of the collection

Men's V-neck Wool and Cotton Blend Sweater


Clever stitching and serious contemporary style: this wool-and-cotton blend sweater has got you covered. Ready to head offshore.

  • Wool and Cotton blend
  • V-neck with Striped lining
  • Colored Embroidered Crocodile branding on chest
  • Main fabric: Cotton (80%), Wool (20%) / Cuff rib edge: Cotton (69%), Wool (20%), Polyamide (11%) / Hem: Cotton (69%), Wool (20%), Polyamide (11%)