The Lacoste shirts

Three essential shirts

The 3 must-have designs for the perfect wardrobe


01. The fitted shirt

Impeccable in any circumstance, this Lacoste men’s shirt is aimed at those who never compromise their elegance.

Its ‘easycare’ Italian poplin reduces creases, dries quickly and makes ironing easier, and its slim cut and stretch finish hangs perfectly without restricting your movements.

Available in all essential tones, this Lacoste Men’s white shirt with embroidered tone-on-tone crocodile will pair effortlessly with suite trousers and beige trench.


02. The relaxed-fit shirt

For those who like easy elegance and comfort, this Lacoste men’s long-sleeved shirt is the one that will add structured simplicity to your silhouette.

Thicker than poplin and lightly textured, its Oxford cotton is a fabric that barely creases, and is as solid as it is breathable. Its straight cut with quality finishings makes it a chic piece without being too conventional.

Open over a t-shirt, buttoned up to its American collar, with jeans or urban jogging trousers, this Lacoste men’s shirt with the embroidered green crocodile, will be your best day-to-day option.


03. The seasonal shirt

If you are on the lookout for ease and hard-wearing and timeless clothing, this Lacoste men’s short-sleeved shirt is the summer piece for you.

With its 100% natural fibres, this linen combines thermoregulation with unrivalled durability. The perfect summer piece is one that lets you breathe: thanks to its straight cut and its light-weight fabric, it highlights your build without restricting it.

Two ways to wear this short-sleeved shirt with embroidered green crocodile: open over a t-shirt with a bermuda shorts and sneakers for a relaxed look or buttoned up directly on your skin with chinos turned up over a pair of mocassins for an old-school effect.