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For back-to-school, this new wardrobe takes on the active form.

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Lacoste Back to School Collection

The back to school season is near. How well prepared are you to resume your studies? The back to school frenzy can send you into a panic, especially if you’ve not updated your back to school wardrobe. You don’t know which clothes, shoes or backpacks to buy to look stylish and feel comfortable when walking around. Thankfully, Lacoste has a selection of the best back to school outfits for kids, men and women. Would you like to buy comfy and stylish back to school ensembles for your kid joining grade school or middle school? When selecting outfits for your school going kid, you can get a bit creative. Lacoste’s back to school outfits come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your kid’s personality. You can dress your kid by mixing and matching various outfits to help them show off confidence.

If you’re going back to high school or college, Lacoste has every back to school outfit you need. All you need is to browse to choose outfits that show your style. Your goal is to go back to school with eye-catching outfits and feel confident when in class or playing tennis or basketball. In addition, Lacoste has weather-friendly back to school ensembles for everyone. So whether you need lightweight outfits for summer or heavy ones for colder days, your choice depends on your taste. The secret is choosing the best back to school outfits that reflect your personality and prepares you for success. So which are some of the best Lacoste’s back to school outfits you can select for yourself or your school going kid?

Choose Comfy and Stylish Back to School Outfits

When putting together your back to school clothing, you should aim at choosing those that’ll keep you comfortable throughout the day. There’s a lot that will happen at school besides sitting in classes. For example, there are friends to meet and games to play. Without comfortable clothes, you’ll always feel uncomfortable. The good news is that Lacoste has polo shirts, t-shirts, tops, dresses, sweatshirts, jeans and sweatpants you can wear when attending classes. Look for ideal outfits with your favorite colors, patterns and styles to appear elegant and unique. Lacoste’s shirts and t-shirts are tight to flatter your shape. Shop your kid’s favorite clothes and allow them to go to school looking stylish.

What if you want to stand out when you go to play your favorite game in school? With Lacoste’s back to school outfits, you can rest assured of finding stylish clothes you can wear when playing games. Find your favorite track pants, tracksuits, shorts and skirts that’ll give you a completely new look. If you’ve been shying away from joining your school’s tennis, basketball or soccer team, Lacoste’s Back to School outfits have got you covered. You can now join your favorite team and allow your elegance to reflect your personality. Sample through all outfits and choose those that’ll freshen up your look when you step into the tennis or basketball courts.

Back to school season is often hot, and lightweight clothes could be all you need. But what if it gets windy and cold in the evening and you have no warmer clothes. With Lacoste’s jackets and windbreakers, you don’t have to fear cold and windy days. You can also wear your jacket to cover a lower cut shirt or one with bright colors when attending classes. When partying with friends, your jacket will come in handy, especially in the evening. If you’re shopping for your kid’s back to school outfits, ensure you add jackets, windbreakers and beanies to the wardrobe. You don’t want your kids to come back home freezing or catch a cold and spend days at home when others are in school.

Your back to school shopping is not complete without comfortable shoes. While most people may look for a new pair of heels or loafers, you should aim at buying shoes that keep you comfortable throughout the day. At Lacoste, you will find a wide selection of sneakers to match your shorts, tracksuits, sweatpants and jeans. You can also choose your best backpack to fit books, laptops, and any necessary personal items. Do you prefer backpacks that are spacious enough to fit all your school supplies? Lacoste’s backpacks have a large main compartment and a separate compartment to carry your laptop or tablet. They also have small pockets for storing smaller personal items. When looking for your kid’s backpack, Lacoste has lightweight backpacks to help them carry school supplies comfortably. Lastly, you can add a finishing touch to your back to school outfits by choosing your favorite Lacoste watch. Wearing a watch is a great way to make your casual back to school outfit feel more stylish.

Back to School Outfits That Reflect Your Personality

Don’t get tempted to select outfits just because everyone else in school has them. You have your style, and all you need is perfect outfits to look great. With Lacoste’s back to school outfits, you have a chance to select clothes, shoes, backpacks, and accessories that reflect your personality. You don’t have to wear outfits you don’t like just because they are trendy. What matters the most is your comfort and elegance. As long as your style makes you feel great, you can stick to it and find the best outfits from Lacoste.

However, if you wish to change your style and begin the season with a fresh look, Lacoste has got you covered. You can sample all your favorite back to school outfits and choose those that’ll give you a new look. Luckily, Lacoste’s outfits are versatile. You can mix and match your shirts, sweatpants, jeans, jackets and sneakers and appear stylish. If you prefer clothes with bright colors or patterns, you can select your favorite outfits to add to your back to school wardrobe. Finding your back to school outfits has never been easier with Lacoste’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and backpacks. Shop the best Lacoste’s back to school outfits and start this season in style.