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Piqué to Performance—Fabrics for the Classic Polo Look

"Elegance is mainly adapting clothes to the situation, to circumstances. [...] And making sure the details remain discreet enough." —René Lacoste

Lacoste, by its nature, is a brand built on practicality and functionality without sacrificing style—the main pillar of the game of tennis in the 1890s when René Lacoste was king of the tennis courts. However, he became the king of style and innovation when the first Lacoste polo shirts went on sale to the public in 1933.

What sets Lacoste polo shirts apart from all others are the unique fabrics used to make each polo. The crowning jewel of these fabrics, piqué (pronounced pea-kay) cotton, invented by Mr. Lacoste and fabric expert, André Gillier in the 1930s. Even back then, piqué polos were known for their durable, lightweight, and breathable open-weave structure. So what about the other materials from which Lacoste creates their polo shirts? Each is unique in their careful construction, but all meet the high standards for which Lacoste prides itself.

From jersey knit to cashmere to the classic L.12.12 (that's code meaning: L for Lacoste, 1 for the unique piqué fabric, 2 means short sleeves, and 12 for the winning prototype) piqué knit polo, Lacoste has it all, and each year, the company devises more fabric innovations that hold true to the brand and stay ahead of their time. Find the polo fabric to suit the look you want, no matter the occasion. Read more for a detailed look at Lacoste's staple fabric lineup.

The Piqué Polo—A True Classic

Lightweight, yet sturdy, the piqué polo stands the test of time as the flagship fabric for Lacoste polos. If you look closely at your piqué polo shirt, you'll see a fine, waffle-like patterned texture. It consists of an open-surface knit tightly woven to create thousands of small cells (waffles) that allow air to pass easily through. This technique is unique in that it creates a highly breathable fabric that hides sweat effectively after a long day on the court.

The Jersey Knit Polo—Stylish and Comfortable

Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands off the coast of England, and popularized in fashion by Coco Chanel in 1916, jersey knit fabric is a smooth, soft, and lightweight fabric. It's slightly stretchy, making it supremely comfortable to wear and almost impossible to wrinkle. Jersey knit also comes in Pima—a longer fiber cotton than regular cotton, thus more luxurious.

The Sport Polo—Lightweight Performance Never Looked so Good

Our sport fabrics are custom made to wick moisture and keep you cool and comfortable no matter what sport you play. You can find our athletic and performance polo shirts in cotton/polyester blends, cotton/elastane blends, or 100% cotton or polyester. Each sport fabric gives you an ultra-lightweight knit in the classic, polished Lacoste polo shirt style you expect.

The Stretch Polo—The Tailored Look

Lacoste's stretch fabric combines our iconic piqué weave with a bit of added stretch for combined comfort and a flattering fit. The stretch fabric makes our performance polo shirts more structured and tailored, keeping its shape throughout the day.

The Special Polo—Pushing Fashion Further

Lacoste, throughout its history, has pushed the boundaries of polo style by teaming up with other makers—check out Lacoste for Opening Ceremony or Lacoste by Tom Dixon for some truly inspiring looks. Lacoste also releases limited-edition polos made with luxurious cashmere or envelope-pushing graphics.

To continue Lacoste's tradition of innovation, and true to René's vision, Lacoste launched their Chamaille project in 2013. For over three years, this industrial research project looks to manufacture an environmentally friendly thread of French origin made of woven hemp products.

You can find any polo in these fabrics and more to fit your lifestyle and fashion needs online at

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