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5 Staple Polo Shirt Colors for Any Wardrobe

Sported by René Lacoste himself, the polo made its first appearance at the 1926 U.S. Open and quickly rose to recognition as the wardrobe foundation piece for the fashion conscious.

Polo shirts are now available in nearly every color and pattern, and Lacoste offers a copious amount to choose from. We’re here to help narrow down your choice, starting with five polo shirt colors to complement any outfit or occasion.

1. Keep it classic with the white polo shirt

The white polo is the quintessential polo starter. White started it all and defines what it means to be timeless. Its clean yet sleek appearance ensures an easy transition styling up or down for any occasion, making it the most versatile polo shirt color available to help build an effortlessly chic outfit.

White’s neutral shade pairs well with many other wardrobe pieces: combine it with denim for a classic, relaxed outfit or pop it under a blazer for a smart, casual look. White Polos for women, can relay a preppy vibe when put with a navy or pleated skirt, or can be worn more casually with a pair of jeans. Your options with the white polo are endless, so be sure to mix and match to get the most out of this clothing essential.

2. Choose black for a minimalist look

Alongside white, the black polo is a staple among polo shirt colors when building your collection. Black is universally flattering, timeless and will complement any other color effortlessly.

The black polo is a statement in itself, making planning the rest of your outfit a breeze. Suitable to wear for all seasons and for all occasions, the black polo is a must-have addition.

3. Show passion with a choice of pink

Pink is another popular polo shirt color choice. Pink is considered a romantic and modern choice for men and women alike, though its bolder versions have deterred some fashionistas. Trust us; there’s no reason to ditch this signature piece from your wardrobe.

If you’re aiming for a more unique and softer look, Lacoste’s flamingo pink polo might be the best option for you. If you’re after something bolder, try the circus pink polo to create a standout look. By sporting pink, you need only to add simple neutral pieces to complete your outfit, as the pink will pop enough to serve as the focal point.

4. Go sophisticated with a navy polo

Navy is the go-to polo shirt color choice for creating both an intelligent and confident look. It’s a versatile color that can be teamed with a variety of accessories and really shines when assembling a traditional look. The navy polo is also an appealing alternative to black on hot summer days.

For men, navy matches perfectly with a pair of chinos and for women, going with a bright skirt will add a feminine and vibrant touch to the outfit. The navy polo can also easily be worn through every season, making it a needed addition to your polo collection.

5. Revive your wardrobe with green

Owning a green polo is bound to bring a new sense of positivity to your wardrobe; it represents energy and freshness. With a range of shades our most popular shades being the chrolypyll green polo and the forest green polo, your outfit will give off a lively yet balanced look.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with the rest of your outfit – a green polo looks great with different hues for a striking combo. Create a cool, fashion-forward outfit by pairing it with grey or black accessories.

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