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The Lacoste Style Codes

They define the Lacoste Style, ensuring a consistent connection between each of the brand's Collections. These eight codes are an integral part of our brand's history and perfectly in tune with our times. Constantly updated and revisited, they make each and every Lacoste product stand out from the rest.

Petit piqué

The Lightweight, durable, loose-knit cotton "piqué" invented by René Lacoste is our signature fabric. More than just a material, it has also been interpreted as a texture and pattern.

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Color block

Solid blocks of color are boldly yet elegantly placed side by side.

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A nod to the brand's strong tennis heritage, season after season, piping is the graphic signature for many of our products.

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Traditionally used on our Polo shirt borders, rib-knit today is visible on a number of our collections' pieces.

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Inspired by the perforated material on a tennis racket's grip, the punch is innovative and instantly recognizable.

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The monochrome

Our distinctly unique choice of monochromatic colors has been designed to suit anyone, anytime, for any activity.

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Net pattern

An obvious nod to our tennis heritage, the net pattern is as playful as it is elegant.

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Deeply classic or perfectly modern, depending on the circumstance, stripes form the backbone of many of our products.

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