Five ways to wear your Lacoste polo shirt.
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01. Close to your body

A polo shirt for men that suits your figure perfectly.


Always just right

"A polo shirt fits any situation. If I want a smarter look, I choose one with a crocodile in the same shade and tuck the shirt into my trousers." Matthieu Maury, producer

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02. Think oversize

Make a statement with an XXL polo shirt for limitless style.


Full dimensions

"When I was little, I was already wearing an adult polo shirt that was really big on me. It's my way of feeling feminine: not too female but not too tomboy either – smack bang between the two." Carmel Loanga, dancer.

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03. Dare to superimpo(lo)se

Wear a polo shirt over anything.



"A polo shirt can easily be reinvented because of its collar. I like to wear them in twos and button the tabs to keep them together. With all the colours available, the options are endless!" Jacques-Alix Brice, dancer.

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04. Be part of the best matches

Good ideas for a perfectly worn polo shirt.


Preferred materials

"For me, a polo shirt should be worn in its natural form. I always combine them with well-made garments made from soft leather or thick, raw denim, for example." Somalia Barro, photo stylist.

05. Personalise your polo shirt

Your colours, your initials embroidered on the shirt and a crocodile that reflects your style: put your stamp on your favourite top.


Spell it out

Choose your signature embroidery: the crocodile or Lacoste calligraphy.

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Tracking the Crocodile

Everything you always wanted to know about Lacoste but were afraid to ask.