About Lacoste The Lacoste group

Our vision

Our primary goal is to be the leader in the premium casual wear market. We are dedicated to achieving this ambition in the years to come.

Give rise to optimism and elegance

Optimism and elegance are the core values of Lacoste, promoted with enthusiasm and passion. Our mission is to share this positive view of life with our customers and partners.

A quest for excellence

Our constant search for excellence is reflected in the high-quality, modern collections we design, create and market. The natural elegance and unique style of our products enhances the beauty and freedom of movement of all those who enter the world of Lacoste.

Our mission

Sharing our vision of casual elegance, and our optimism and faith in the future, is the purpose of our business. It is the pride and passion of each person who works for Lacoste.

Our business

With two products sold every second, Lacoste benefits from a global distribution network.

2billion euros

The brand achieved a turnover of 2 billion euros in 2017.

Two Lacoste products are sold every second: textile, leather goods, fragrances, footwear, linen, sunglasses, watches and underwear, including the iconic Classic Fit Polo.

  • Subsidiary

  • Joint venture

  • Partner

1 200 shops

120 countries

10 000 associates

Lacoste depends on a community of 10,000 dedicated associates responsible for the design, production, distribution and communication of all of its products worldwide.

19 online stores

10 600 wholesale points of sale


As with our logo & our brand, the following values are central to the community that forms our company. These values are common to all at Lacoste and they affirm our uniqueness.


Since its creation, Lacoste has based its success on the acquisition of talent and expertise.


Being audacious means having confidence in our future, in the development of our brand and in our community.


Understanding its role and its contribution to the community.


Attention to others is the foundation of our common interests and values.


Being part of Lacoste means defending the brand, having faith in its future and being proud to represent it.