Once Upon A Crocodile

Just how well do you know the croc? From his birth in 1923 to modern day, learn his history.
Photograph of an original sketch by Robert George dated 1927. © All rights reserved

The Birth of A Crocodile

A story of a bet, a journalist and a most tenacious player.

The crocodile’s first steps

Boston, 1923. Young tennis prodigy René Lacoste is 19 and likes a challenge. His team captain promises him the crocodile leather suitcase the player admired in a store window if he wins his upcoming match. René doesn’t win but he had the determination of the crocodile on court, which is why an American journalist gave him this nickname.

René Lacoste in Wimbledon in 1928. © Lacoste Archives. Jacques Brugnon Collection

The crocodile becomes a symbol

The crocodile takes shape in 1927 under the pen of designer Robert George. An early fan of customization, René Lacoste immediately has it embroidered on his blazers. A few years later, the polo sees the light of day. The crocodile over the heart makes Lacoste the first brand to display a visible logo on an article of clothing.

Portrait of René Lacoste. © Getty Images

The crocodile’s evolution through different ad campaigns

Follow the croc: Lacoste advertising archives from 1933.

Tracking the Crocodile

Everything you always wanted to know about Lacoste but were afraid to ask

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