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TIM B Oct 28, 2020


I was disappointed in my buying experience at Lacoste. The first pair of shoes I bought had a small tear in the leather on one of the shoes. I took it back to the store, and they ordered me new ones from the warehouse. The second pair also had some slight issues - scuffing near the stitching on one, what looked like a stain in a couple places elsewhere. I expect $115 shoes to be in pristine condition! I contacted customer service and sent them pictures, and they told me they forwarded them to management and I have not heard from them since. It's been two weeks! I love the style of the shoes, but the quality and customer service I received have made it significantly less likely that I will shop at Lacoste again.

Anonymous Oct 21, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

Place my order with regular shipping. I received it quickly within 2 days. Love my sneakers!