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Valeriu V Feb 6, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

Despite being a pretty big shoe it is somehow constructed that it makes my feet look small, keep this in mind if fashion is important to you. I very much liked that it's true to size (as long as you carefully measure your foot length and choose the right size). There's one thing I don't like. It feels stiff. When the foot bends behind me during walking - the small piece of leather underneath the shoelaces pushes against my foot causing some pain (Design flaw I assume), and while the length of the shoe is fine, the fit is a little too snug. When I take the shoes off even after a short while wearing them it feels like I've had a long day at work, or, although I've never wore high heels as a man, I could assume that's how women feel. It's just very pleasant when you take them off. It's possible they need more break in, and it's possible my foot (in height) is a little too big/tall. When it comes to shoes and clothes, if possible, I always ALWAYS recommend to better try in a store, and stay there for half an hour to an hour in them with no shame. I didn't have the chance to do that. Not the most comfortable shoes for walking, or even sitting, but the build quality seems good. I'd recommend more for colder weather like autumn/winter depending on the temperatures in the region, when a more snug fit is better to keep the feet warm. Overall it's a well-built shoe in terms of quality, but if you wanna buy it - first try it. For you it may be a good fit, for me it's a little too snug, and a little stiff.

Eric R Feb 5, 2020

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Abhinav N Dec 16, 2019

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

The shoe size and style is great and it is comfortable in its own way.