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Gents Key West Watch with Blue Silicone with White and Red Striping Print Strap

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david M Sep 11, 2019

Male -
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This Gents Key West watch is a real looker.This particular watch is probably the best looking watch I have ever had. The silicone band makes wearing the watch especially comfortable. The only drawback to this watch is: that it can be, at times, difficult to read the time on the watch. The watch hands are a transparent (glass) color, while the face of the watch is silver. The combination of clear colored watch hands and the silver watch face, not a real good combination.

Andrew L Aug 30, 2019

Male -

Great watch for pre-teen/teenager. I originally purchased this for myself but after receiving it I realized that this trinket was not appropriate for my age group. I gave it to my twelve year old.

Edgardo Jose O Jun 2, 2019

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reviews.rating I recommend this item.

Lightweight and slim but sturdy. Still doesn’t look small, in my big wrist it’s sporty but with a touch of sophistication because of the sliming effect making it really elegant while being casual. Compliment magnet.