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Men's Crewneck Wool And Alpaca Sweater

Beige • 02S



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Noah B Jan 24, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

I bought this sweater for something more casual and it looks nice and the outside feels nice but the inside is super scratchy. It seems like every Lacoste sweater I get now a days are super scratchy on this inside but soft on the outside which is super frustrating. I did get it on sale but for a $275 or $250 sweater you think the sweater would be soft or feel good on your skin - not irritating. I still kept the sweater and feel like the scratchiness gets better over time/over dry cleaning uses but I liked the style of the sweater too much to return it. I wish Lacoste would make more comfortable sweaters. The material is good quality otherwise - no shedding and holds it shape. Its slightly larger in size but pretty true to size too. I wear a medium and a small is too tight and a large is huge on me. The medium fits but I wish it was a little tighter. I'd buy it again.

Christopher V Jan 20, 2020

reviews.rating I recommend this item.


youngbai k Dec 15, 2019

reviews.rating I recommend this item.

The quality is good for the Lacoste reputation and I like the design