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Men's Olympic Heritage Collection Zip Sweatshirt

Blue / White / Grey Chine • 7PW



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Olympic Heritage Collection by Lacoste

After the Mexico and Grenoble 68 collections, Lacoste celebrates this season the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984. The official name of that moment? The Games of the XXIII Olympiad. A name which still rings true: 35 years on, the symbolic stars in motion and the vibrant colour palette are just as exciting today.

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MARIO P Dec 16, 2019

Male -
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Heads-up: You'll notice in the pics on the site that some contain the stars AND the Olympic rings, while others just have the stars... I like the jacket either way, so i didn't care which one i received. I got lucky though because I like the stars-only look a little better, and that's what they sent... So if you want the Olympic rings version, you might want to email Lacoste first...