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Which Polo Shirt Fit is Right For You?

Over the past decade, many traditional clothing retailers have increased the variety of styles and sizes that their lines offer, in order to suit their consumers preferences. Gone are the days of simply choosing from small, medium, or large sizes. And while all of these custom options allow style mavens to find their perfect fit, it may not come easily to everyone. Take a look at the different types of polo shirts that are most commonly available, and identify which cut may work best for you.

Polo shirts are timeless and versatile and often worn for a variety of occasions. In order to look your best wherever you may be headed in your polo shirt, you want to make sure you are choosing the best fit based on your physical attributes and personal preferences. Common styles today include classic fit, regular fit, and slim fit polos.

Classic Fit Polo Shirts

As the title implies, classic fit polos, or original fit polos, are going to be the most traditional, most common polos in store. A classic fit will fit loosely, but should not be baggy. The chest and waist will fall comfortably on the body, and are considered a bit more forgiving for those with a larger abdomen. The sleeve of the polo will be loose around the arm, allowing for full range of motion.

The length of a classic fit polo should fall below the belt, but not past the zipper or bottom of the pockets. It is common for many classic fit polos to be about an inch longer in the back to stay snug when tucked in. For your reference when shopping, classic polos typically stay true to your normal size.

Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Slim fit polos are quickly becoming a mainstream, trendy style. Also indicated by the title, slim fit polos are a more slender version of the classic fit polo. With these, you will find a slimmer cut in the waist, as well as a slightly slimmer fit in the chest.

On average, the chest size for mens slim fit polos will be about 2 inches thinner than classic fit (1-2.5 in thinner in XS-M sizes, 2.5-3.5 in L-XXL+) with waist sizes decreasing in proportion as well, if not more.

The slim fit is a good option for men with a slender, athletic build. Along with a closer fit in the torso, these polos will typically have a much closer fit in the cuff of the sleeve than a classic fit, and will fall higher up on the bicep. You likely wont see a slim fit polo hanging too low on the body as the length of it will also be an inch or two shorter, and these shirts are often left untucked.

Womens slim fit polo shirts also follow the same trends including slimmer cuts in the chest and the waist, with slightly shorter sleeves hitting above the bicep, providing a streamlined update from the classic fit.

Regular Fit Polo Shirts

Occasionally, you might also find polo shirts that are offered in regular or custom fit. Regular fit is generally right in between classic and slim fit, and is a good transition for those who are looking for a slimmer cut, but still require a bit more flexibility.

The Right Fit at The Right Time

Wearing a different cut can mean sporting a very different look. A properly fitted slim fit polo gives off an urban, modern look, perfect for spicing up the smart-casual look at work, or for a night out. Slim fit polos are just one part of the all-around slim look that is growing in popularity. Other staples in your wardrobe like trousers, jackets, and dress shirts are now offered in slim fit as well and are quickly becoming a standard choice for men and women alike.

A slim fit pique polo or button-down shirt can be paired with slim twill chinos and oxfords or loafers for a tidied and cleaned up appearance. Slim fit polos are also a good option when looking to trim up your weekend look, and can even bring your casual appearance up a notch. Paired with slim cut jeans or bermuda shorts and a straightset sneaker, your easy-going Saturday morning get-up will be polished.

Of course, depending on your body type, slim in the chest and waist may not be for you. But when fitted properly, the classic polo or classic fit shirts will not let you down! The same concepts apply for the slim look; if you are looking for a quick and easy way to spice up the look of your classic polo, you can do so by layering with sweaters or blazers.

Athletic fit polo shirts for tennis and golf are also traditionally cut in a classic fit to allow for full range of motion and plenty of comfort when you are out on the courts and courses.

Dos and Donts For All Fits

Regardless of your chosen fit, there are always some guidelines that youll want to follow when trying on polo shirts and deciding what is right for you. In general:

  • Polo shirts should never hang below the pockets, untucked.

  • The fit should not look or feel tight in any instance.

  • The seam of the shoulder should fall right on top of the shoulder bone, not further down the arm.

  • Undershirts add unnecessary bulk and typically should not be worn under polos.

Trying a different type of polo such as a pique, cotton, or jersey is a great way to change up your normal style and update your look, or purchase a lighter or brighter colored polo to add flare to your wardrobe. Whatever approach you choose to take, choosing the best fit for your physique and style will add the finishing touch.

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