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How to Fold a Polo Shirt and Avoid Wrinkles

"Without style, playing and winning are not enough."-Ren Lacoste

Everyone knows that the polo shirt stands the test of time as one of the most versatile and comfortable items of clothing anyone can own. They go with everything-jeans, shorts, chinos-you name it; a polo shirt goes with it. This fact makes your polo shirt a fantastic choice for your everyday wardrobe, but not if it's riddled with wrinkles. Polos, unfortunately, are especially prone to wrinkles because of the fine cotton used in their manufacture. How can you fold your polo shirts fast and avoid wrinkles without dreaded ironing? A neatly folded and wrinkle-free polo shirt all begins with how you wash and dry it.

It all starts in the washer and dryer

The most important part of washing and drying your polo to avoid wrinkles is to follow the care instructions on the label. This is a crucial first step that most people probably don't consider when thinking about how to avoid wrinkles when folding. Also, don't over pack your washing machine or dryer. Giving your polo shirt room to move in the wash is a little thought about, but crucial step, to a wrinkle-free polo because if it's crowded in the wash, it will most likely be more prone to wrinkles. You might also want to forgo the dryer all together and lay your polo flat to dry. If you want to find out more on the proper care of your polo shirt, read this post.

Time to prep-quickly folding your polo

Once your polo has been washed and dried properly, it's time to consider the various ways to fold quickly and avoid wrinkles. The key word here is "quickly," so ironing and starching are out the question-although very effective, they are not great time-savers. So first, some pointers on prep. With the washing/drying part taken care of, follow these key steps for a quickly and neatly folded polo:

  1. Button all the buttons to the top and lay your polo face down on a flat, firm surface.

  2. Find the center of your polo shirt. This doesn't have to be exact, but the general idea of where the middle is.

  3. Take the right side of the polo and fold it towards your imaginary centered line. Make sure the sleeve nearly touches the seam for the left-handed sleeve. Then double the sleeve back so that touches the crease you made.

  4. Now, take the left sleeve and fold over the right sleeve so that you repeat what you did for the right side. Remember to keep in mind your centerline. Then double the left sleeve back the same way as the right sleeve.

  5. Take the bottom of the polo and fold halfway to the top. If you're folding a Lacoste polo, this fold should be made approximately a half inch below where the crocodile logo is located.

  6. Fold one more time towards the collar. The bottom of the polo should now be touching the shoulder area.

  7. Flip over so the logo is facing you. Now you have a nice, neat rectangular fold that will stave off wrinkling.

TIP: After you fold your polo shirt, don't over stack or over stuff them into a drawer to avoid wrinkling. You can also add a piece of tissue paper in your fold to reduce friction and thus less wrinkles.

Sushi Roll

Love sushi? Even if you don't, make your polos into a sushi shape with the rolling method. An even quicker way to keep wrinkles at bay. Fold the shirt following steps 1-4 above, pop the collar so that it keeps its shape, and instead of folding up in a rectangle, firmly grab the bottom and roll up, smoothing as you go to avoid wrinkling.

This method works especially well for travel when packing your suitcase. So roll up your polo and hit the road! Then unroll and wear-wrinkle free.

Keeping the polo collar in tact

Since polos have collars just like your button-down dress shirts, it's important to take into consideration how to also keep your collar in place. One common method to keeping your collars in check after you've folded them is to roll up a belt and tuck it neatly into the shirt opening. Two objects neatly put away with one move. That's efficiency!

If you still end up with wrinkles in your polo...

There are plenty of life hacks to remove wrinkles without an iron-for instance, bringing your polo into the shower with you. However, one of the best inventions, and one you can easily find at any grocery store or pharmacy is a wrinkle-releasing spray. They are convenient, easy and work as a fabric refresher as well. So in a pinch, grab a bottle and let the spray do the rest.

Before you worry about wrinkling and folding, you need a polo! Explore the home of the original polo shirt—where life is a beautiful sport.

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