Editor's Picks — 08.24.2016

Sailing Club

Effortless boating elegance

Fun and visually striking, this collection of polos, t-shirts, sweater, and baseball cap is decorated with designs inspired by the world of yachting, with technical accents like silicon crocodiles. Just as stylish in town as out at sea.

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The Windward Polo

The polo hits the high seas in a version inspired by the world of sailing. A tone-on-tone rubber crocodile and graphic nautical prints combine to create this sporting model in cotton piqué, ready for whatever the season brings.

The Navy Polo

This elegant polo in stretch cotton pays tribute to nautical style. A white rubber crocodile contrasts beautifully with a navy blue polo, while flag details embroidered on the collar deliver a striking graphic touch so characteristic of Lacoste.

The Captain Hat

Hats off to seafaring style with a Lacoste cap in gabardine embroidered with three coloured flags. It's the ideal accessory for sailing afficionados whether in the city or on the open ocean.

The Nautical Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt, a classic men's wardrobe item, provides relaxed, sporting style. Embroidered with graphic flags and enhanced with Lacoste branding, it will sail through the season with ease.

The Skipper T-Shirt

Lacoste crafts signature details onto this round-necked cotton jersey T-shirt: number 33 on the sleeve, matching rubber crocodile and printed nautical flags that are echoed on the inside collar tape. A sporting style that celebrates its nautical influences.

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