#MyLacostePolo — 07.11.2016

#MYLACOSTEPOLO Style Guide Feat. Jérôme Pauchant

The Parisian gallery owner Jérôme Pauchant chooses his polos like he does the artists he exhibits: with a young, fresh, and decidedly modern eye.

Grey Eminence

The True Essence

Grey polo, light jeans, and sneakers: Jérôme opts for casual elegance. Just as he has always done: “I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5, and I’ve always been drawn to Lacoste polos. I like their sobriety, timelessness and chic simplicity. On the court or in my gallery, a Lacoste polo is all I need.”

All buttoned up, the polo sharpens up a discreet, but eye-catching, outfit.

Lacoste slim fit polo in caviar piqué

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You can still express your wild side in a polo...
Grey Eminence

Top Form

Combining Styles

Polo with a hat: the combination is daring and fun. Fascinated by urban culture, Jérôme cultivates this mix of genres: “What I like here is the contrast between a highly distinctive classical piece and the white polo, which is more sportswear and modern. I think they go together perfectly. It’s really modern.”

An overcoat and hat for a touch of mystery, a white polo for a flash of light: in bad weather, opposites attract.

Lacoste L.12.12 polo

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Flecked grey blazer with a white polo: who needs a shirt to be smart?
Top Form
In style and literature alike, the classics are where it’s at.

Beaming Style

Sunday Sun

“I made the flannel trousers even cooler by rolling up the hem. Paired with the polo, this style recalls the image of the original tennis players, whose style I really like.” The perfect outfit, then for being both chic and relaxed on a Sunday in the park: “pushing a pram or watching courtside”.

Blue sneakers to match the polo, in a nod to the colour that suits men best.

Lacoste slim fit polo in caviar piqué

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The pale blue polo mirrors the sky on a sunny day. An apt outfit for the season.
Beaming Style
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