Explore our polo guide below to find the polo that’s just right for you.


Size Guide

Follow our size guide and choose the perfect polo size.

Men / Women

Polo size guide for men

The sizing system for our men’s polo shirts is unique. Available in eight sizes, ranging from size “2” to size “9”, our polo sizing enables each and every man to choose just the perfect polo for his personal style and comfort. To convert your usual size into a Lacoste size, please refer to the chart below.

Sizing Chart

Men / Women

Polo size guide for women

The sizing system for our women’s polo shirts is based on the standard European system. Available in eight sizes, ranging from size “32” to size “50”, our polo sizing enable each and every woman to choose just the perfect polo for her personal style and comfort. To find which size will fit best, please refer to the chart below.

Sizing Chart


Fit Guide

From loose-fit to close-fit, our polo fits offer a variety of different styles,
choose the one that is best for you

Men / Women

3 Men's fit

The Original-fit, the Slim-fit and the Regular-fit. 3 different polo fits for 3 different styles.


The original Lacoste polo shirt is the loosest fit, for an elegant yet comfortable style.


The perfect balance between our different styles, the “regular” fit is modern and works for everyone.


The close-fit option will appeal to fans of snug style shirts. Depending on the size you choose, the “slim fit” polo can give you a lean, close-fit look or simply a smart, tailored look.

Men / Women

3 Women's fit

The Regular-fit, the Slim-fit, the loose-fit. 3 different polo fits for 3 different styles.


The loose fit

Our new seasonal polos combine fashion with a loose, cool, unexpected style.


Classic and easy to wear, the “regular” fit is the perfect choice for sports or leisure wear.


This is the most feminine option.


Fabric Guide

Lacoste polo shirts are available in different fabrics for any occasion. Choose whichever fabric fits your mood. Naturally you don’t need to limit yourself to one!

The legendary Lacoste polo shirt petit piqué.

During the early 1930s, René Lacoste searched for the ideal fabric to give tennis players greater freedom of movement. In collaboration with André Gillier, the well-known knitwear expert, he invented the famous piqué cotton – a durable yet lightweight and breathable open-weave. Since then, the piqué has been constantly updated and revisited, all the while maintaining its original qualities.

The Piqué

The Lacoste signature-style polo shirt fabric is made with a comfortable yet elegant texturized cotton that’s also durable and comes in many colours.

The Jersey

Jersey is a smooth, supple fabric that’s lightweight and slightly stretchy, making it extra enjoyable to wear and almost impossible to wrinkle.

The Cotton

Made with all-natural fibers, our cotton fabrics provides both comfort and ventilation. It is very durable as well.

The Stretch

Combined with the piqué weave, the stretch fabric makes the polo shirt more elastic, facilitating movement and increasing the comfort level. It also gives the shirts a tailored style.

The Performance

A permanent treatment of the fibers makes the fabric ultra-high-performance and ensures perfect ventilation for quick evaporation of perspiration. This fabric is also quick-drying for added convenience.

The Seasonal Blend

We regularly introduce new fabrics, derived from original combinations of various textures. This season, we’ve combined wool with our traditional piqué cotton blend.


Care Guide

Your polo shirt needs special care to ensure it maintains its shape and color for as long as possible. Here are a few simple steps to follow for a beautiful long lasting polo shirt:

If you do not send your polo shirt to the dry cleaner’s, it is important to use cold water the first time you wash it.

Step 1

In general, your polo shirt should never be washed in water that’s warmer than 40°C.

Step 2

It is also recommended that you add a bit of fabric softener when you wash your polo shirt to protect its delicate texture.

Step 3

Naturally, the ideal way to wash your polo shirt is by hand. This will help maintain its original shape and color.

Step 4

Dryers and radiators are not recommended. It’s best to allow your polo shirt to drip dry, the most natural way. But if you do plan to dry your polo shirt in the dryer, please keep in mind it’s best to buy the size above your normal size.

Step 5

To avoid flattening the weave or lustering the cotton of your polo shirt, it is also preferable to iron it inside-out.