Lacoste x Minecraft

It all begins with play

Welcome to Croco Island, halfway between the virtual and the real. Explorers, risk-takers, socializers… There are as many profiles as there are players. And as many styles as there are ways to play.

Join the game

A Croco Island

Set off on an adventure in a virtual world. A city. A forest. A beach. Follow your player. Find your style. Join the team and let the giant crocodile watch over you.


From virtual to reality

Scan this QR code to discover the Lacoste x Minecraft filter. And dive into the collab designed for all players.

Lacoste x Minecraft, the collection for everyone

Build your style like you build your Minecraft world. With playfulness and determination. Create a unique look, just like you.


Players’ outfits for men


Players’ outfits for women