Un campeón decidido

Cómo René Lacoste persiguió su sueño y forjó su carrera.



Camila Coelho is the ultimate active lifestyle woman — she’s a multifaceted entrepreneur with successful beauty and clothing brands under her belt; an epilepsy awareness advocate and dedicated philanthropist; a wife, sister and daughter; a fashion-and-fitness enthusiast; and a soon-to-be first-time mother! Here, she discusses her favorite pieces from our new Women’s Active Lifestyle collection, her pregnancy style and her history with Lacoste,

going back to her childhood.

How has your active/fitness style evolved since you became pregnant?

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life and routine; whether that is working out, taking a walk, biking, or even hiking. Now that I’m pregnant I’m still moving my body every day, and looking for stylish pieces that fit well and are comfortable to wear is key.

When choosing activewear for workouts and for your day-to-day life, what’s important to you and why?

I always look for something that has some personality to it, and what I’m wearing typically reflects how I feel each day; sometimes I’m in a neutral set, sometimes I’m wearing a look with a ton of color. My outfit will likely be dictated by my mood.


What are your favourite pieces from Lacoste’s new Women’s Active Lifestyle collection and why?

I absolutely love the classic black legging that I can wear everywhere. They’re super comfortable, the fit is amazing. I am also obsessed with the bomber which is a piece I can style for post-workouts or even when I go out.

What is your passion or history with Lacoste?

Funny fact; ever since I moved to the US, some of my earliest memories are of my mother and brother are them wearing Lacoste. And even when I first met my now husband, he would always wear Lacoste, which still remains true today. Lacoste has always been a part of my entire family’s closet.