Lacoste x Minecraft

It all begins with play

Welcome to Croco Island, halfway between the virtual and the real. Explorers, risk-takers, socializers… There are as many profiles as there are players. And as many styles as there are ways to play.

Join the game

It’s your turn to play

It all starts with the game. Set off on an adventure, downtown or online. The pieces from the collection? They are made for you. For your style. The game has only just begun.
+ 1 colour
Unisex Lacoste x Minecraft Print Classic Fit Organic Cotton Polo Shirt
90,00 €
150,00 €
+ 1 colour
Unisex Lacoste L!VE x Minecraft Nylon Bermuda Shorts
72,00 €
120,00 €
+ 2 colours
Women's Lacoste L!VE x Minecraft Short Organic Cotton T-Shirt
54,00 €
90,00 €
+ 1 colour
Men's Lacoste x Minecraft Silicone Watch
104,50 €
149,00 €

A Croco Island

Set off on an adventure in a virtual world. A city. A forest. A beach. Follow your player. Find your style. Join the team and let the giant crocodile watch over you.


From virtual to reality

Scan this QR code to discover the Lacoste x Minecraft filter. And dive into the collab designed for all players.

Lacoste x Minecraft, the collection for everyone

Build your style like you build your Minecraft world. With playfulness and determination. Create a unique look, just like you.


Players’ outfits for men


Players’ outfits for women