Collabs: Lacoste limited editions

Discover some of the standout collaborations of today and yesterday.

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A look at Lacoste collaborations since 2008.
Lacoste x Goop, 2022

Lacoste x Goop, 2022

Flashback to the 80s with Goop, the lifestyle reference.
Lacoste x Thrasher, 2022

Lacoste x Thrasher, 2022

The Bible of skateboarding, teams up with Lacoste, and a combustible collection of crocodiles is born.
Lacoste x A.P.C, 2022

Lacoste x A.P.C, 2022

Modernity. Sophistication. Styles blend to perfection.
Lacoste x AWAKE NY, 2022

Lacoste x AWAKE NY, 2022

The cult New York brand reinterprets Lacoste wardrobe essentials.
Lacoste X Minecraft, 2022

Lacoste X Minecraft, 2022

Dive into a virtual world signed Lacoste x Minecraft. A collection halfway between two worlds.
Lacoste X The Peanuts, 2021

Lacoste X The Peanuts, 2021

The Peanuts. The Crocodile. A Collection.
Lacoste x Polaroid printed and coloured collection

Lacoste x Polaroid, 2021

A collection high in style and rich in colour that captures the moment, forever.
Lacoste and National Geographic blue printed polo

Lacoste x National Geographic, 2020

Four amazing animals lend their look to the crocodile.
Lacoste and Concepts streetwear collaboration

Lacoste x Concepts, 2020

The forefront of streetwear with visionary elegance.
Crocoseries Lacoste the latest collaboration 2020

#CrocoSeries, 2020

Jeremyville, Jean-Michel Tixier and FriendsWithYou: 3 artists reinvent the Lacoste crocodile.

#WinterIcons, 2019

Lacoste joins hands with five brands of legendary savoir-faire: Alpha Industries, Gloverall, K-Way®, Pyrenex, Tailor Toyo.

Lacoste x Golf Le Fleur, 2019

When Lacoste and Tyler The Creator pair up, the crocodile is tickled pink

Lacoste L!VE x Opening Ceremony, 2019

Lacoste’s creative line + New York’s visionary brand = a unique capsule collection.

Lacoste x Keith Haring, 2019

Keith Haring’s street symbols get down with the iconic crocodile.

Disney x Lacoste, 2018

Lacoste is 85 years old and Disney is 90. Now that's worth celebrating with a unique match!

Supreme x Lacoste L!VE, 2018

Select Lacoste pieces from the 80s and 90s are reworked by the coolest of New York streetwear brands.

Lacoste x Lesage, 2015

The embroidery brand reinvents the first women’s polo from 1965. A couture collection that’s as elegant as it is accessible.

Li Xiaofeng x Lacoste, 2010

A polo reinterpreted through this Chinese artist’s favourite material: shards of porcelain.

Campanas x Lacoste, 2009

The Brazilian brothers designed a hand-sewn polo made entirely of crocodile logos.

Lacoste x Visionaire, 2008

Polos imagined by Pedro Almodovar and Karl Lagerfeld, to name a few. A gift from Visionaire magazine to Lacoste’s for its 75th anniversary.

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