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Ready to Face the Cold Weather with Lacoste Men's Jackets and Coats

The collection of Lacoste men’s jackets and coats is ready to accompany you in facing the cold weather. There are the latest options with classic silhouettes and new colors. They not only provide protection against the weather but also enhance your style. Lacoste offers jackets, coats and windbreakers that combine quality, fashion, and comfort.

4 Tips for Choosing Jackets and Coats for You

1. Consider Style and Functionality

Match your needs with the style and functionality of the jacket or coat you are looking for. Whether it's for sports or everyday wear, each jacket and coat serves a purpose that you can benefit from.

2. Pay Attention to the Materials Used

Choose jackets or coats made from high-quality materials that suit your needs and comfort. For example, there are jackets with water-resistant materials, jackets that provide protection in specific weather conditions, or jackets with sweat-wicking fabrics that are suitable for sports.

3. Choose the Right Size

Make sure you choose a jacket or coat that fits your body size. Pay attention to chest, waist, and sleeve length measurements to ensure comfort and the right appearance. If possible, try on different sizes to find the best fit.

4. Pay Attention to Details and Additional Features

Check the details and additional features of the jackets, coats or windbreaker you are considering. For example, look for extra pockets, removable hoods, zipper or button closures, or temperature-adjusting features. These details and features can enhance comfort and functionality for you.

5 Favorite Lacoste Men's Jackets and Coats

1. Lacoste Short Recycled Polyester Track Jacket

A men's jacket with an elegant design and recycled polyester material, cut above the hips for easy movement.

2. Lacoste SPORT Colour-Block Tennis Jacket

An athletic jacket suitable for wearing both on and off the court, providing weather protection.

3. Lacoste Zip Front Water Resistant Stretch Jacket

A water-resistant jacket with flexible twill fabric. Stay stylish in any weather condition with this jacket.

4. Lacoste SPORT Collapsible Windbreaker

A practical jacket for all seasons, made from recycled, waterproof, lightweight, and durable material.

5. Lacoste SPORT Collapsible Golf Jacket

Stay stylish while playing golf with this practical and water-resistant jacket that provides protection in any weather.

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