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Lacoste Men’s Underwear and Lounge Wear: The Balance and Comfort Combination from Lacoste

The essential collection for men's underwear and lounge wear from Lacoste, a combination of balance and comfort. Lacoste offers underwear and lounge wear made from carefully selected materials, with comfortable designs and airflow for freedom of movement.

4 Ways to Care for Men's Underwear

1. Separate and Sort Underwear

When washing underwear, it's important to separate bright and dark colors as well as different fabric types. This helps prevent unwanted color bleeding and prolongs the lifespan of your underwear.

2. Avoid Bleach Usage

Using bleach on underwear can damage the fibers and cause them to wear out faster. If necessary, use bleach that is safe for specific fabrics and follow the usage instructions carefully.

3. Avoid Using High Heat Dryers

Drying underwear with high heat dryers can damage the fibers and reduce their elasticity. It's best to air dry your underwear naturally by hanging them or using an air dryer.

4. Store Properly

After your underwear is dry, fold it neatly and store it in a dry and clean place. Avoid stacking too many underwear pieces in one place, as this can cause them to become wrinkled.

5 Comfortable Recommendations for Lacoste Men's Underwear and Lounge Wear

1. Pack Of 3 Casual Black Trunks

Essential underwear made from soft and stretchy cotton that provides comfort with good airflow and freedom of movement.

2. Pack Of 2 Piqué Trunks L.12.12

Lightweight underwear made from stretchy pima fabric with an elastic waistband and matching colors for a minimalist appearance.

3. Men’s Lacoste Cotton Jersey Pajama Set

Modern pajamas that provide comfort while you relax or sleep.

4. Men’s Microfiber Trunk 3-Pack

Essential trunks made from soft and smooth microfiber fabric, offering optimal comfort with three pieces in a pack.

5. Pack Of 3 Iconic Trunks With Three-Tone Waistband

A pack of three solid-colored trunks with the iconic Lacoste logo, made from soft and smooth cotton fabric, offering freedom of movement.

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