How to choose a dress shirt ?

Timeless elegance with immaculate finishing, the Lacoste shirt offers total freedom of movement for every day. Discover your best fit and fabric with the Lacoste guide.

Two fits, two styles. Choose yours.

The Timeless Shirt: Regular Fit

A regular cut with a flattering fit.

With its regular cut and its inverted pleats in the back, Regular Fit offers great freedom of movement, and true classic elegance.

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The Urban Shirt: Slim Fit

A clean, fitted silhouette.

Cut closer through the body, without inverted pleats in back, the Slim Fit shirt displays an urban elegance at the forefront of style.

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A choice of fabrics for all of your moods.

At the office or on the weekend. In cotton or stretch cotton. Stay elegant in any situation with our choice of refined fabrics.

The Lacoste Spirit. Elegance in Four Details.

Casual: The Other Shirt Style

Change your style like you change your shirt

Because Lacoste covers a range of style, the new collection of casual shirts delivers a fresh, relaxed mood to men’s wardrobes. And one which doesn’t compromise elegance.

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The Lacoste Shirt: 8 Decades of Style