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New Lacoste campaign

Crocodiles play collective

The crocodile has a unique power: he liberates movement to link all cultures together. He transcends generations, gender, style and borders and weaves unlimited links. He finds harmony in contrasts, he proves how magnificent life is in play and diversity.

A collective spirit that is expressed in this new Lacoste campaign through the iconic polo. Worn by 7 strong characters and their crew, it sketches the richness of a cosmopolitan collective, with each one's own sense of elegance.

The selection

All crocodiles

Meet the Lacoste ambassadors: 7 distinct creative characters, shot with their crew in 5 inspiring cities by 7 photographers, for a multitude of meetings of minds.
Exclusive expressions

The collective for you, it's... each ambassador tells you what it is for them.

A$AP Nast's vision

Shared passions

“My collective is the people I make the most of life with, quite simply. With them, I share all my creative passions generally: music, photography, fashion…”

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black short sleeve polo shirt worn by Peggy Gou
Peggy Gou's vision

For the best, but not only.

“A collective is your chosen family: my close friends who give me positive energy and whose creativity is very inspiring. With them, I share good things such as music, fashion, gastronomy, architecture... but also my problems.”

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White classic long sleeve polo shirt in small piqué cotton
Evan Mock's vision

Firm ties

“My collective is my close family who mean a lot to me. On top of our love of surfing, the ocean and fashion, we share a deeper ambition: we always want to go further, not just to stay on the surface.”

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Louise Bourgoin's vision

Linked up

“In three words, a collective represents for me getting ahead, work and listening. Close friends with who I fully share my passions and my love for art and cinema.”

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Men's red classic fit polo shirt in cotton small piqué
Sonny Hall's vision

Unity of support

“For me, a collective represents understanding, what allows you to stay connected. My collective is vital to me. It makes me feel particularly supported, understood and secure.”

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Women's short-sleeved slim flit polo in pale yellow
Mélanie Thierry's vision

Outer flame

“For me, a collective is a human warmth that supports us. The one that gives us an elan and allows us to build beautiful things that we would never be able accomplish alone.”

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Salif Gueye's vision

Singularity in the plural

“A collective is alchemy, strength. Without my collective, I would not be where I am today, professionally and personally. Together, we are passionate, together we grow, each cultivating our own personalities. That’s what gives our group its strength. We are a family.”

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