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Easy and elegant, relaxed and smart. Our men’s sweatshirts ensure a casual silhouette to wear the crocodile with poise time and again. Colourful, oversized or retro, which one is your style?

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Lacoste men’s sweatshirts: what’s your favourite sweatshirt style?

When it’s time to relax and wind down, a Lacoste sweatshirt is the answer.

Lacoste sweatshirt is the new must-have for this season. For lounging at home or covering up on your way to the gym or tennis practice, a sweatshirt is an effortless choice. A cosy sweatshirt crafted in soft cotton fleece is perfect for casual days when you need an extra layer. Wear your sweatshirt over a smart shirt for a more original look.

Explore the Lacoste men’s sweatshirt range, where you’ll find a style for every occasion. Zip-ups to pullovers, tracksuit jackets, hoods to keep you warm, kangaroo pockets big enough for both hands… with embroidered crocs everywhere to express the Lacoste legacy. Choose from the vast selection of men’s sweatshirt colours (and no, crocs don't always have to be green) to match whatever you’re wearing, from track pants to shorts or jeans.

Lacoste sweatshirts suit both men and women – save on closet space and be environmental by sharing your unisex sweatshirt.

Men’s sweatshirts offer a comfortable and composed look, whether you pair yours with trousers or even shorts for those chilled out evenings.