Men's fragrances

Surpass your limits with Lacoste's men perfums. Tennis codes. Elegant trail. Eau de toilette or fragrance L.12.12; wear Lacoste as a second skin.

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New Arrival

Lacoste men’s accessories: want to be remembered for your scent?

Define the man you are with an iconic fragrance that lasts all day. Choose a Lacoste fragrance that underlines the natural charisma of those audacious men, who lead the game with style and elegance.

Spray yourself in a sensual mist of Lacoste L.12.12 Eau Fraîche Pour Lui before you put on your sportswear. Refreshing, intense and masculine, Lacoste perfume for men projects your personality. When you wear Lacoste men's fragrance, you make an individual statement.

From invigorating and explosive top notes of citrus and florals to warm, spicy bases of cedarwood and amber, every Lacoste perfume for men creates a personality statement. Wear Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic pour Lui with a shirt and chino trousers for an edgy style that makes you unique. Encapsulating the sophistication and style of a French fragrance, Lacoste perfume for men keeps you smelling great.

Are you looking for a gift for your husband, son, or friend? He is sure to love a Lacoste men’s cologne or a stylish Lacoste watch.

Stay fresh and smell masculine, whether you’re relaxing in your tracksuit or on a night out.