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Perfect your silhouette with Lacoste's men sunglasses. Classic, stylish, sporty... Choose your iconic style, 100% Lacoste.

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Lacoste men’s sunglasses: is it time to change up your eyewear?

The Lacoste men’s sunglasses collection offers a style for every occasion.

Choose Lacoste sunglasses to protect your eyes and complete your look. From casual streetwear to formal suits or sports gear, your glasses are essential. The men’s sunglasses range has a pair for every occasion. From days at the beach to hanging out in the city, keep your eyes safe and choose a pair of sunglasses to enhance your wardrobe.

Select the sunglasses that enhance your face shape – round, oval, pilot, square, your shades make a fashion statement. The frame type depends on what Lacoste glasses you are looking for – acetate for strength, classic metal, or plastic. Next comes the colour – complement your t-shirt or trousers with cool metal grey, timeless tortoiseshell, or full colour block.

Do you wear prescription sunglasses? Don´t worry – most Lacoste glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Team your men’s sunglasses with a signature cap or hat to complete the look.