Elegance goes beyond style.

It is a way of life.

It calls for an approach that urges us to take action.

To foster inclusion.

To promote equal opportunity and to create, together, on a common ground.

Elegance calls on us to respect, to protect.

From this generation...to the next.

A more elegant world


Traceability, animal welfare, reduced environmental footprint, responsible materials, recycled materials, upcycled fabric scraps... We weave our way towards a more sustainable fashion world.

Better sources for cotton

The cotton growing countries selected by Lacoste respect the social and environmental criteria in our specifications.

Cotton from organic farming

Many of our textile products are made using organic cotton grown without chemical additives and are guaranteed GMO-free.

Recycled cotton

More and more of our products contain recycled cotton, partly sourced from our manufacturing waste, thus limiting the production of raw materials.

Recycled polyester

In 2022, 40% of Lacoste polyester was made using recycled fibers. Recycled polyester allows us to consume fewer resources and less energy while embracing a more circular approach.

Respect for animal welfare

Access to water, food, care, freedom of movement... we make sure that animals' basic needs are respected by all our partners.


A polo shirt that lasts

Lacoste commits to a durable icon. The Lacoste polo shirt is the promise of long-lasting quality.

The Lacoste Foundation

From creating spaces where young people can grow socially through sport, to supporting associations that help local communities with professional integration... discover the actions of the Lacoste Foundation.

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