Three exceptional coats

Light thrown on this season's three key pieces

3 in 1 parka in khaki water-resistant twill

01. The weather-logic parka

For those who are looking for style and functionality, here is a sure bet that combines both. Made of an outer wind breaking part in recycled water-resistant twill and a lightweight reversible inner jacket, it adapts to rainy, windy and very cold days.

In quilted taffeta on one side, and Sherpa wool on the other, it’s lining attaches or detaches easily thanks to a system of press studs. Thanks to its 4 outer and inner pockets, keep all your things to hand.

For effective day-to-day style, wear its wide cut with chinos and a cotton sweatshirt. Adjust it at the waist for a belted effect over a woollen suit for a dressier look. Without its inner jacket, use your parka as a mid-season windbreaker.

The multifunctional parka

Main strengths

Close protection

A high collar and a detachable covering hood to counter all conditions.

Ideal lining

Khaki taffeta on one side, white wool on the other, a reversible and detachable inner jacket to be worn by itself or with the coat.

The other Lacoste parkas

Lacoste live men's sky blue parka
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Unisex Lacoste LIVE Hooded Zippered Parka
Black hooded Lacoste sport parka
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Men's Lacoste SPORT Hooded Quilted Parka
Short khaki parka with fake fur hood
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Men's Short Water-Resistant Quilted Hooded Parka
Lacoste live navy blue parka with pockets
+ 1 colour
Unisex Lacoste LIVE Hooded Zippered Parka
Mid-length khaki parka with fake fur hood
+ 1 colour
Men's Long Water-Resistant Quilted Hooded Parka
Lacoste L!VE hooded oversized puffer coat

02. The enveloping puffer coat

Smooth taffeta with a sporty effect of a straight cut three-quarter dress coat, here’s a hybrid piece that perfectly translates the ease and elegance of Lacoste. Its quilted anti-cold water-resistant material and its ideal length protects you to the knees from all averse conditions. ​

With its two invisible inner pockets, its two low outer pockets and its full-length zip, it is worn with ease, functionality and the perfect fit.

On the back, its tone on tone Lacoste XXL branding makes it a sport-inspired signature piece. A coat that will perfectly harmonise with a sporty fleece tracksuit or contrast with the elegance of a cotton suit.

The three-quarter puffer coat

Main strengths

Integral enveloping

Smooth, padded and water-resistant taffeta fitted with an enveloping and detachable hood.

Biting detail

Zip-up high enveloping collar, the crocodile is hidden in its details.

The other Lacoste puffer coats

Lacoste men's mid-length ochre puffer coat
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Men's Detachable Hood Long Puffer Coat
Lacoste men's short cream puffer coat
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Men's Lacoste LIVE Hooded Short Jacket
Lacoste men's short puffer coat with a red hood
+ 2 colours
Men's Short Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Coat
Lacoste short tricolour navy, green and beige puffer coat
+ 2 colours
Men's Short Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Coat
Lacoste men's short and fine fir green puffer coat
+ 3 colours
Men's Lightweight Foldable Hooded Water-Resistant Puffer Coat
Lacoste men's sleeveless green and black puffer coat
+ 1 colour
Men's Lacoste LIVE Cotton Canvas Blend Vest Jacket
men's long straight cut coat in grey wool
Overcoat in herringbone blended wool

03. The dress coat

The power of this straight cut in herringbone blended wool? Immediate elegance from the moment you put it on your shoulders and perfect coverage from the neck to mid-calf. Optimal protection on very cold days.

Wide, enveloping collar, premium double-breasted lapels, striped grey inside the sleeves, inner button pockets and stitched tone on the crocodile over the outer pocket flap: details that reveal impeccable style.

Inspired by the long coat worn by René Lacoste in the 1920s, this three-quarter overcoat gives structure to your silhouette with elegance. Test it: with jeans, chinos and even jogging pants... it brings attitude to all your outfits. Special Lacoste mention: trousers above your ankles with visible socks matched with a cream roll neck knit.

The elegant coat

Main strengths

Collar detail of coat in grey herringbone wool

Top of the collar

A wide collar for a perfect outfit, pulled up over a roll neck or a scarf.
Inner pocket of lacoste men's coat

Pocket detail

Two inner button-up pockets to keep your important things close.

The other dress coats

Lacoste men's three-quarter length beige coat
+ 1 colour
Men's Long Wool Blend Straight Cut Coat
Lacoste mid-length black wool hooded coat
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Men's 3-in-1 Removable Quilted Vest Parka
Lacoste men's beige trench-style coat
+ 1 colour
Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Reversible Twill Coat
Lacoste men's single-breasted grey wool blazer
+ 1 colour
Men's Double-Breasted Chevron Virgin Wool And Cashmere Blazer
Lacoste men's beige wool blazer
+ 1 colour
Men's Stretch Buttoned Straight Fit Cotton Blazer
Lacoste men's black wool blazer
+ 1 colour
Men's Buttoned Straight Fit Recycled Wool Blend Blazer