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Gioco, set e partita. Sfoglia i Bestseller da donna Lacoste e lasciati tentare da un classico. Te lo meriti.


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Lacoste women’s best sellers: is it time to revamp your wardrobe?

"Plain or colourblock? Long or short sleeves? Smart or casual? You’ll find it all here and the options are limitless.

Are you looking for the ideal dress to wear to dinner, or the perfect-fitting pair of jeans for a weekend away? Take a look at the Lacoste women’s best sellers and treat yourself to a new piece (or two!) today and increase the variety in your wardrobe.

Discover soft and breathable fabrics for when you’re working out and need to keep cool. Zippers and pockets give you plenty of utility and drawstring hoods together with elasticized cuffs and hems keep you feeling snug when the cold wind’s blowing. You’ll find an outfit for every occasion in the Lacoste women’s best-selling clothing selection, taking you easily to wherever you’re going in an elegant fashion.

Maybe you’re a sporty type and love a game of tennis on a Saturday morning or play a relaxing game of golf? Take your pick from a Lacoste tennis dress or skirt or a pair of golf trousers to up your game, set and match without compromising on your style.

Lacoste best sellers – for effortless dressing every day."