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Straight cut, roomy sleeves, two-button placket, iconic green crocodile and original petit piqué knit. Slip on this polo for style and comfort.


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Lacoste Men’s Classic Fit Polo Shirts: looking for timeless style?

Stay looking elegant and feeling comfortable with this authentic favourite – the classic fit polo shirt. Wear it any day and for any occasion, and it’ll give any outfit a boost of timeless sophistication.

A wardrobe essential across the decades, the classic fit polo shirt speaks for itself. When it comes to easy-going comfort combined with easy-wearing style, Lacoste polo shirts for men really hit the spot.

Ready to make a statement? Our classic fit polos are perfect for hangouts with friends, family events, and even wearing to the office with a crisp pair of trousers. And their versatility means you can rely on them whatever the season… Short sleeve options for lazy spring and summer days. Or long-sleeve polo shirts for the cooler months and party season.

When you’re heading out to tennis courts or for a round of golf, a classic cotton petit piqué polo shirt is expertly designed to suit your favourite sports activities. Maybe you like the simplicity of a solid-colour or monochrome style, or maybe you prefer eye-catching stripes and prints: either way, Lacoste’s men’s sport polo shirts deliver a smart combination of style, finesse and performance features. And the signature Lacoste crocodile embroidered on the chest completes the look.

Want a classic fit polo shirt just like your partner’s? We’re all for matchy-matchy couples outfits. In our option: the more polos, the better. The Lacoste collection includes men’s, women’s and unisex styles, so you’re free to dress to impress and still look like a team.

Simple and chic, Lacoste men’s classic fit polo shirts deliver effortless style.