Better Days

Better Days, founded by two lifelong friends, is a design venture created in Atlanta and birthed in the City of Angels.

Through design and innovation, Better Days’ collections are a reflection and combination of the rich culture of the South and the youthful streetwear scene of the West. With each piece, a story is told, an experience is felt, and a message is sent.

To wear Better Days is to commit to a life of peace, positivity, and love, and in doing so remembering the One who makes the journey worth it. We will see better days, our hope is that you will, too.

What is the inspiration behind better days?

Our inspiration comes from life itself. Every moment we spend on this earth is a blessing. The goal behind our design and aesthetic is to create change in our communities, cities, and world. By wearing Better Days, our hope, is that with each garment our customers wear they are making the commitment to living a life of peace, positivity, and love, and in doing so glorifying the One who makes this life worth living.

What is your favorite part of being in LA?

Everybody living in this city is here for one reason: to chase their dream (in some form or fashion). Whatever their dream is, big or small, they live in Los Angeles because this is the city where dreams come true. A city of dreamers from different places, cultures, and backgrounds… all in one place. From Malibu to West Hollywood, the city is filled with unique stories, energy, and people. There is never a shortage of inspiration, that’s what makes this city beautiful. So, for us, we create with all of this in mind and hope that the clothes tell our story, reflect the Los Angeles we know, and bring our dream to fruition.


What is the one thing you want people to remember about Better Days and why?

We want to be remembered as a brand that inspires a generation of people to never stop striving to be the best version of who they were created to be. We hope that our message resonates with everyone and is a constant reminder that the best is yet to come. Life is tough but how you respond dictates who you become. At Better Days, we choose to believe in each other and our hope is that every time you wear our clothing you are reminded that you were created for a purpose, to accomplish something great.

What made you move the brand from Atlanta to LA?

The idea of Better Days was birthed in Atlanta, but was brought to life in Los Angeles. In the early days we dreamed of building a brand and setting roots out West, but we just didn’t have a clue on when or how to get there… We then set out on a journey to bring our vision to life and as we began to create momentum, we knew that if we wanted to be taken seriously and create real noise that Los Angeles was where we needed to be… and we haven’t looked back since.

What was your first thought when asked to partner with Lacoste?

We were thrilled! Some of our fondest memories of growing up involved getting spiffed-up in a polo with the Crocodile on our chest. We wore it as a distinction. Even to this day there’s something special about putting on a garment with a Lacoste tag. Lacoste is constant, it’s innovative, it’s timeless and it’s authentic. This partnership with Lacoste embodies everything we hope and dream of being one day: irreplaceable.