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Put your best foot forward with our men’s sneakers. Heritage designs, modern whites or retro tennis styles, the crocodile always sticks around for a sporty-chic silhouette. Which Lacoste footprint are you?


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Men’s Performance Sneakers: Ready to bring your A-game?

Put your best foot forward with our men’s sports shoes. Whether you choose one of our heritage designs, a modern take on classic white sneakers, or some retro tennis styles, the Lacoste crocodile will always stick around for a sporty-chic look. Which Lacoste style are you?

Lacoste offers footwear designed for top performance, whether you're on a tennis court or a golf course. Our running shoes and gym shoes for men are perfect for your regular workout or fitness class, while our outdoor shoes are designed for nature lovers. All these men’s shoes not only provide unbeatable comfort but also boast a sleek, distinct look. Pair them with golf shorts or a tennis polo to achieve a classic style that’s ideal for wearing during sport.

Made with quality breathable fabrics and materials, Lacoste performance shoes ensure your feet stay feeling cool and fresh for longer. The rubber soles offer a firm grip, while the secure lacing guarantees a supportive fit. We even have styles designed specifically for different surfaces, such as our clay court tennis shoes. Experience enhanced agility with lightweight tennis shoes and stay dry with water-resistant leather.

Available in various colors and featuring the iconic crocodile emblem, Lacoste’s athletic shoes blend function with durability. Ready to elevate your game as well as your day-to-day looks? Lacoste performance trainers are perfect for sports enthusiasts and still stylish enough for daily wear.

Explore Lacoste's range of tennis and golf shoes designed for performance and comfort.