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Women’s polo shirts: looking for an anytime, anywhere look?

Embrace the timeless versatility of the women’s polo – an elegant wardrobe staple, with so many styles and colors to choose from.

Our polo shirts are designed so that you can style them in your own individual way. Whether you’re heading out to the mall for a shopping date, meeting friends for a ladies’ casual lunch, or squeezing in a round of golf, there’s a Lacoste polo that’s just right for the occasion. A relaxed day at the beach? Pair a classic fit polo with flowy lightweight shorts. Something more sophisticated? Pair your polo with a mid-length skirt. And if sportswear is the day’s vibe, mix things up with a bold polo shirt and your side-stripe track pants for a modern, athletic look.

Discover the wide range of fits, tailored to suit each woman’s own preference – from slim-fit polo shirts that accentuate in all the right places, to looser fits for casual days. And for ultimate comfort, our stretch polos move with you for greater ease and flexibility. Why not sport a sleeveless polo shirt for those sunny outings? Alongside short-sleeved, three-quarter length, and long-sleeved polo shirts, there’s a style for every weather and every preference. Even the neck closure on our polos offers choice and a range of styles: try a zip neck polo for something a little different to the classic 2-button women’s polo shirt.

Our polos in relaxed cotton petit piqué offer rich texture, while our breathable jersey knits are perfect as golf polos or for wearing to the tennis court. When you’re out on a sunny day, our polos with AirLight fabric technology are designed to keep you cool and comfortable for longer. All Lacoste polos feature the iconic crocodile embroidered on the chest, and on the organic polo shirt this crocodile is embroidered with recycled fibers.

Taking you seamlessly from work to errands to play, Lacoste women’s polo shirts embody effortless style in every stitch.