Brendan Fallis

Brendan Fallis

Brendan Fallis has become one of the most sought after curators in the industry. Whether it is a DJ gig or collaboration, Fallis is a go-to for brands and clients around the globe because of his distinct aesthetic, digital presence and incredible taste. We sat down with Brendan to see what he’s been up to while self-isolating.

What's been keeping you going during self-isolation?

Home projects have been my number one go to. Started by refinishing a coffee table and then that grew into putting in an outdoor fire pit, and now we’re building a yurt. It's nice to have projects to do that are rewarding upon completion, especially during this time when there’s so much uncertainty.

What has been piquing your creative interest?

Well my career as a DJ pretty much came to an immediate halt, so I’ve been piqued by the opportunity to create something new out of everything I’ve built so far around my personal brand. I’m in the early stages now of a new concept, but super excited about it. Down times are prime for new ideas, often perfect times to execute those ideas. I'm taking advantage of it.

Brendan Fallis

What have been your necessary indulgences?

Running has become a necessity for me. I need it daily to clear my head and get my thoughts in line, a meditative state of sorts. Also just started implementing audio books into my runs and it’s game changing. On the complete opposite spectrum, Negronis have never tasted better! A couple weekly Negronis also seem necessary.

What are you most looking forward to post-isolation?

Dinners with friends and family. Dinner parties at friends houses, or pulling up to a bar and ordering and a meal solo at one of my favorite NY restaurants. I miss it all!

What do you like about Lacoste?

I have a ton of respect for heritage brands that continue to stay relevant. Seeing the crocodile always reminds me of my youth. In my early teens I started to see other kids I looked up to wearing the classic Lacoste polo and made it a goal of mine to get my own. Was I popping my collar when I got my first one? Perhaps, but hey, that was the style and I wore it well. Since then I've always had one in my wardrobe. It will always remain a constant and remind me of a great time in my life.