Stephen, a self-proclaimed sneakerhead also known as Caveman, takes this season’s new Lacoste sneaker the Game Advance Luxe for a spin while talking his favorite trends and how a sneaker can make or break an outfit.

How has fashion helped you to express yourself?

Fashion has helped me express myself because I’m able to show my emotions through my pieces. Sometimes you wake up and just want to feel a little bold so you can wear something to match that energy.

How do you feel footwear has influenced street culture?

Footwear has been one of the biggest influences in street culture because of its impact on the culture and it’s ability to shift entire trends just based on the type of shoe that has been newly released. Sneakers can make or break an outfit. For example one might not be as inclined to wear baggy jeans with a certain shoe while that aesthetic can be perfect for another shoe.


What drew you to fashion? Have you always been into it?

I grew up across the street from the Fashion Institute of Technology so I’ve always seen people dressed in crazy outfits and wild color palettes. It was also a great way for me to make money as a kid because I would just go camp out in front of sneaker stores to purchase shoes I would be able to flip for a profit.

There are many trends from the 90’s coming back. What is your favorite revival trend?

My current favorite trend is how we’re switching back to baggier clothes and more vibrant retro color palettes. I love being comfortable so the fact that I can wear some fire sweatpants with a baggy neon hoodie and be considered fly is a blessing

What do you love about Lacoste?

I love the fact that Lacoste is willing to partner with influencers who are more involved in streetwear culture, as many other brands are not as willing to take this step as it may not exactly align with the brands identity. Lacoste is slowly helping bridge the gap between streetwear influencers and more mainstream industry fashion so I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this journey.