Crenshaw Skate Club

Crenshaw Skate Club's mission is to represent and empower inner city skate kids all across the world.

What inspired you to start Crenshaw Skate Club?

When I was younger, I would look at skate magazines and I rarely ever saw people who looked like me and my friends who skated. I feel like inner-city skaters are so underrepresented in the skate community. So, I wanted to grow CSC and highlight skaters from Crenshaw to show people that we skate too. Also, I want to represent the Crenshaw story through the product shots. All the photos for CSC are taken in the neighborhood and the models are my homies.

What is the mission of CSC?

The mission for CSC is to represent and empower inner city skate kids all across the world. But as a brand owner I also feel that I have a personal mission. Something I noticed since I was young was the lack of positive mentorship within my neighborhood. I knew that I could change that by achieving certain accomplishments. I could show kids who grew up in the same neighborhood as me that they could do it too. I respect and understand that home situations may be different but I feel there is an opportunity to channel positive energy to such circumstances to achieve great outcomes. This is where a great mentor could be helpful and something that I’d love to be for the kids within my neighborhood. Based on what I hear throughout my neighborhood, many kids think the only way they can make it out is through sports or music, but I want to show kids that they should not limit themselves and expand their views on what they could do in their life. If I can inspire just one kid that they can be an entrepreneur, then all the hard work I put into my brand is worth it.


What has been your biggest accomplishment since starting CSC?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be partnering with Nike and Jordan Brand multiple times to give back to my community. I was able to donate shoes to local youth programs such as the Crenshaw YMCA and restaurants such as Earles on Crenshaw.

How do you feel the LA community has helped you grow CSC?

LA helped me grow my brand because of all the access I had to go into dope stores and meet brand owners. I used to go out on Fairfax and La Brea every weekend with 50 stickers with my website and Instagram on them and wouldn’t go back home until I gave them all away to people. This gave me the opportunity to meet so many people and build connections to grow my brand. Most importantly, my community in Crenshaw was essential for the growth of my brand. One thing I love about where I am from is that it’s like one big community that tries to uplift each other instead of trying to compete with each other. Look at what is going on in Leimert Park right now and all the dope stuff going on over there with Neighbors Skate Shop and Harun Coffee. Shoutout to Tre and Cleon from Neighbors. They are like my big brothers and have really helped me with all the CSC content.

What is your favorite part of collaborating with Lacoste?

My favorite part about collaborating with Lacoste is being able to work with such a legendary brand that broke barriers. I also try to break barriers with my brand so it was dope to work with a brand that has similar core values. And the look of excitement on my mom's face when I told her I was doing this collaboration was also a favorite part of mine.

What are your goals for CSC in the next few years?

In the next few years, I would love to grow the brand as much as possible and possibly open a retail location. But most importantly I want to also stay true to my roots no matter how large the brand grows in the next few years.