Diana Arnopoulos Monaco

Diana Arnopoulos is a Parisian born model and designer living in Miami. Being a mix of different cultures: French, Greek, Serbian, with most of her family in Cameroun. Her origins have shaped her identity and her life. As a designer, she’s inspired by all those cultures to be trendy and functional. And as a model, she’s able to flourish in the industry that she loves - that is fashion. She’s a world traveler and finds her peace in meditation, yoga, and sport every day.

Living in Miami as a model, how were you discovered and how did you get into modelling?

The funny fact about my modelling career is that it was really unexpected. After I graduated with a master's degree in Paris, I worked in Fashion, so for me modelling wasn’t a plan at all. I even started my own brand when I moved to Miami called Mirazoshop. With the brand, I was organizing many photoshoots with different models and photographers. One day, on a set, a photographer really insisted on photographing the clothes with me as the model. I tried just for fun and it turned out amazing! After that I ended up working in the industry and doing great! So funny how life is full of surprises!

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It’s clear you love fashion – how do you use fashion to express yourself in your daily life?

Fashion for me is a form of self-expression. My clothes define my personality and interact everyday with my moods. Every time I’m choosing an outfit, it’s all about how I’m feeling and what energy I want to release through my day.

You are married to a Lacoste tennis ambassador, Juan Pico Monaco. Has this inspired you to take up any tennis?

I didn’t know much about tennis but since I’m with Juan, this totally changed: we breathe tennis in the house. Sometimes we play with friends for fun and we also watch many matches since he still has many friends playing on the tour.

What do you love about Lacoste?

Being French, Lacoste was always for me a French symbol which we are all proud of. Growing up, the crocodile was always present. My dad as a sportsman was always wearing the Polo Lacoste and now I see my husband wearing it every day. I love that no matter the time, Lacoste stays a symbol of sports & elegance.