Koreatown Run Club

Duy Nguyen and Michael Pak started out running with a few friends. Five years later, it’s evolved into a tight-knit community from all over Los Angeles and the world. KRC partners with Lacoste as the first collaborator of Ode to LA, our newest experience at Lacoste Melrose Place.

How did you guys meet?

Mike and I are both from Northern Virginia but we met out in LA at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We became friends and slowly started working on a few fun projects together.

What inspired you to start KRC?

Koreatown is known for its late nights, great food mixed with a little debauchery. We wanted to do something different for the neighborhood. I went on a work trip to Haiti and witnessed runners run across the country. I came back and knew I wanted to bring that sense of community only running can bring, but back home to Los Angeles.

What is the future for KRC?

No plans. We just want to continue having fun and getting more people out there running.

Being deeply rooted in LA, how do you feel that has helped build the community of runners that you have?

LA is a sprawling city. It can be hard to find a community outside of the neighborhood you live in. Despite our name, we have runners from all over the city of Los Angeles.

What does LA mean to you?

LA is a place of new beginnings. It’s a laid back city where anything’s possible.

What attracted you to partner with a brand like Lacoste.

Heritage. Lacoste has a long history and associations with lifestyle and sport. That balance is something aligns greatly with Koreatown Run Club.