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Kristie Ahn

Kristie Ahn is an American tennis player. She has won seven singles titles and two doubles titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit.

We caught up with Lacoste ambassador ahead of her playing within the US Grand Slam to discuss how COVID put a halt to training and what it was like playing in the US Open at just 16 years old!

Growing up in New Jersey, what is it like to play on America’s Biggest Tennis Stage, the US Open?

It's definitely an experience I try not to take for granted. Growing up, I came to the US Open every year and would marvel at the players and the dream that the US Open offers. I try to keep that in mind when I interact with kids, to help make their experience memorable. The US Open is also great for me because my family and friends get to come out and watch me play, something they've never really gotten to do.

Heading into a Grand Slam, has COVID affected your training?

Yes, COVID affected my training - I live in New Jersey and for a while, it was one of the hardest hit states in the US, so pretty much everything was closed, including the tennis courts. I actually wasn't able to get back on court until about June. Luckily, I had a bit of a home-gym set up, so I was still able to work out, but motivation was tough when we weren't sure when we were getting back to tournaments.

Brendan Fallis

You qualified for your first US Open at the age of 16! What was that like?

Honestly, it was all a blur! I was having so much fun, meeting new people and feeling like a 'real' tennis player for the first time in my young career. I remember thinking how cool it was that I got to play in the US Open...but then I had to go to school the next day so it really felt like it was almost a dream.

What do you love about being an ambassador of the Croc?

I love that Lacoste is able to bring a classic look to tennis. On court, Lacoste's apparel always finds the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. And of course, their team has been so wonderful, I really do feel like I'm a part of the Croc family!