Shadow Hill

Founded in 2017, Shadow Hill creates premium athleisure wear on modern American silhouettes. Entirely handmade in Los Angeles' Fashion District. Lacoste partnered with Shadow Hill for a special collection of clothes, which launched exclusively at the Melrose Place Experiential Pop-up.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Shadow Hill brand?

Shadow Hill was created to offer affordable yet exclusive apparel for customers around the world. The inspiration behind our visuals and graphics comes from vintage cars, motocross racing, skateboarding, architecture, and lifestyle — especially as they relate to Los Angeles. And, the brand's vision goes much deeper than just clothing, with plans to eventually offer products outside apparel such as travel, furniture, art, home goods, lifestyle accessories and more.

Who is Shadow Hill for?

Shadow Hill's primary demographic is young men and women between ages 13-35 who live in major markets and participate regularly in popular culture and mainstream media. The brand also possesses an extremely focused audience of young adults, namely ages 17-24. 70% of our total purchasers are female, and Shadow Hill has sold clothing in over 100 countries worldwide.


What do you think it is about the brand that made it such a cult favorite?

At the time of the brand's inception, social media was a budding vertical that very few branded entities were taking advantage of. Being one of the first brands to market in the eventual multi-billion-dollar influencer marketing space, Shadow Hill gained the patronage of dozens of A-List celebrities from Justin Bieber to Rihanna. Shadow Hill's popularity has now extended beyond the confines of social media and into popular culture at large.

Why was Lacoste right for this partnership?

Lacoste was a perfect partner for Shadow Hill because we saw an opportunity to bridge a young, contemporary street brand with one of the all-time great legacy apparel brands. One brand stands for contemporary popular culture, and the other a flagship institution representing the rich history of fashion history. Shadow Hill, being one of the first Los Angeles streetwear brands, was an iconic fit for Lacoste's Ode to LA.