Zack Bia

Zack Bia, talks the new Ricky Regal Collection, his life as a DJ and what Lacoste means to him.

How has Lacoste impacted you in your life?

Growing up in the US but with a French family there were certain things that tied me back in to my roots, Lacoste being one of them. I spent all my summers playing tennis in a small French town called Antibes and a Lacoste polo was always the uniform. The same went for my grandparents and it’s that authenticity and nostalgia that fuels my love for the brand.

As a DJ, how have you been able to express yourself through your work/sets?

Culture is a reflection of music and dancing is a pure human energy. Being able to blend in an eclectic mix of genres and have them all come together in a beautiful way is a pretty powerful form of self expression. Making people dance and providing memories is one of the greatest feelings.


The new Ricky Regal Collection just dropped, what’s your favorite part of the collaboration?

I love the colors, I love how genuine it feels especially the retro aspect.

How do you like to incorporate Lacoste into your wardrobe?

There’s so many good every day items as simple as the classic white polo that can assimilate into any outfit, but then there’s days where I like to mix maybe a fresher pastel colored item in and the great thing is that variety.

What was your first reaction to seeing the Ricky Regal collection and the story behind it?

I love when there seems to be a creative narrative and this collaboration has such a great world that it creates. There is a distinct visual identity that is almost like watching it play out as a movie, I can imagine all the surrounding characters in what would be this groovy spy movie.